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Specialty Breads and Baking

Why Does a Chef want to Bake?

Originally going to school for a culinary degree, Chef Chomsky did not expect to enjoy the three week baking class that was a required part of the curriculum.  Ever since, he has taken a serious liking to it.  So much so that he enjoys baking as much as he does cooking.  

Baking requires attention to detail, preciseness, and patience.  To hone ones skill as a baker takes a lot of time and effort.  After graduating from culinary school, Chef Chomsky kept up with both skills he learned. Though with baking, he had a lot more practice ahead of him.  

Now, Chef Chomsky can be found refreshing his sour dough starter weekly, using it to make all types of breads.  Chef Chomsky constantly tries new recipes, improving old ones and creating new ones.  

Chef Chomsky has also recently directed his attention toward the ongoing gluten free issues in todays ever growing population.  Being gluten free is a challenge for people and Chef Chomsky is always looking for new creative ways to help.  Baking gluten free breads and desserts have become just as important and regular baking to Chef Chomsky.  He is passionate about making sure everyone can enjoy his food.  

Order Breads from Chef Chomsky


  • If interested, contact Chef Chomsky about bread orders through email or phone.

  • Pricing will be negotiated with order sizes

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