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Cooking Lessons



It's Time to Learn Something New

  • Have a one on one cooking lesson with classically trained Chef Craig Chomsky. Chef Chomsky will travel to your house and give the cooking lessons in your kitchen. Learn how to use your beautiful home kitchen to its full potential. Everyone has an appliance they got for a present they have no clue how to use, why not learn how.

  • The lesson is a minimum of three hours. The options of what you can learn are endless. Create a menu that you want to learn to cook and Chef Chomsky will make it happen. Some great ideas are basic knife skills and how to use the knife properly. Learn how to make fresh pasta with accompanying sauces. Baking bread from scratch and making it in your home oven. Any cuisine can be covered, Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, American, and so much more.

  • With the lesson come all recipes made that day. The recipes will be on paper so students can take notes on what they learn. After the lessons are completed, sit down and enjoy what you have created. The cooking lesson will always be geared toward a final completed dish that everyone taking the lesson can enjoy.

  • Contact Chef Chomsky to create a lesson plan

  • Pricing will vary due to lesson plan and list of ingredients

  • Learn the basics to advanced cooking techniques

  • Example classes:

    • Knife Skills 

    • Making Fresh Pasta

    • Making Breads

    • Desserts

    • Roasting Techniques

    • How to Make Stocks and Soups

    • The Mother Sauces and Derivative Sauces

    • Breakfast Cooking

    • Dinners for Two

    • Holiday Recipes

    • Appetizers

    • Food and Wine Pairing 

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