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Chef Craig Chomsky is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America class of 2010.  Food is one of his greatest passions and sharing his knowledge with others is just as important.  Chef Chomsky has worked as a caterer and gourmet chef in north New Jersey.  He had a great opportunity to cook in Tuscany, Italy for six months during 2013.  There, Chef Chomsky learned the true authentic Tuscan cuisine.  He also learned a lot about teaching and communicating to others wanting to learn how to cook.


Coming from a large family, food was always very important part of life in the Chomsky house.  From an early age Craig cooked with his father feeding all of his siblings.  Craig's early influence in cooking was his father and they still cook together today.  Cooking in a large family setting has always been a comfortable place for Chef Chomsky.


Have Chef Chomsky bring that family feeling to your house. Let him bring the gourmet meal or fantastic cooking lesson to your kitchen.  Have a family gathering or fun cocktail party.  Get the girlfriends together and take a comprehensive cooking lesson that covers many aspects of the culinary field.  Whatever it is you like about food, cooking or eating it.  Let Chef Chomsky come cook with you.


About the Chef


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