Sunday Weekly Meal Prep

Every Sunday meal prep is made fresh for pick up from 2-3pm.  Please send in your order every Friday before 5pm, to  No order is too big or small. Pick your protein and side vegetable or starch.  Mix and match as you choose.  Add in vegetable and starch if you like.  Custom orders to your needs. The entire menu is also Gluten Free!

16 West Prospect St. Waldwick NJ, 07463

Fall 2021 Sunday Meal Prep Menu: (All Organic and Grass Fed Meat)


Lean protein: (4oz protein per portion)


  • Grilled Chicken Breast 

    • Chef Craig’s dry rub

    • Honey, peanut sesame soy chicken 


  • Chicken Meatballs made with (gluten free breadcrumbs, egg, sautéed onion and garlic, zucchini, and carrots, ketchup, and Worcestershire sauce)


  • Grilled Turkey Burgers with Chef Craig’s dry rub


  • Grilled ground chicken patties with mint, cilantro, zucchini, coriander, mint, cumin, cinnamon served in a Bibb lettuce cup topped with tahini dressing 


Seafood: (4oz protein per portion)


  • Grilled Shrimp with Chef Craig’s seasoning

  • Grilled Pesto shrimp

  • Pan Seared Salmon plain

  • Pan seared salmon with cherry tomato white wine sauce

  • Grilled Halibut with fresh lemon and herb

  • Pepper crusted ahi tuna cooked rare

  • Ahi tuna poke bowl served on white rice with sesame soy, avocado, pepper, scallion, and sesame marinade ($25 per dish)



Beef: (4oz protein per portion)


  • Grilled garlic and rosemary marinated skirt steak

  • Sesame soy and honey marinated skirt steak

  • Grilled beef slider with sautéed onion and mushrooms


Vegetable: (Side to protein 3.5oz portion)


  • Oven Roasted:

    • Broccoli

    • Cauliflower

    • Butternut Squash

    • Carrots

    • Broccoli Rabe


  • Steamed:

    • String beans

    • Broccoli 

    • Cauliflower

    • Carrots

    • Bok Choy

    • Spaghetti Squash

    • Red Beets Diced


  • Sautéed:

    • Spinach 

    • Bok Choy

    • Broccoli Rabe




  • Massaged Kale Salad with quinoa, dry cranberry, toasted sunflower seeds and lemon honey vinaigrette

    • Grilled chicken breast topping

    • Grilled Shrimp topping


  • Peanut soy grilled chicken salad with romaine lettuce, shredded carrot, sliced peppers, shaved red cabbage, pickled red onion and sesame soy vinaigrette


  • Brown rice bowl topped with roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted broccoli, dry cranberry, toasted almonds, roasted chick peas and shaved sautéed kale ($18 per rice bowl)

Starches: (6 oz sides)


  • Baked Sweet Potato

  • Quinoa Pilaf

  • Brown Rice Pilaf 

  • White Rice Pilaf

  • Baked Sweet Potato Fries




  • $16 per meal for lean protein plus vegetable side

  • $16 per salad with lean protein

  • $18 per meal for Beef plus vegetable side

  • $20 per meal for seafood plus vegetable side

  • $8 per extra side of vegetables

  • $8 per side of starch

  • Mix and match protein and vegetables any way you like

  • Mixing in side starch to meal extra $3